Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/35 Tieren Ground Type WIP - primed & painted

After almost one week of 16 hour work, I needed a quick Gunpla fix to relax. I worked with this kit since around 10 am today, added some rivet holes, weld effects and lots of damages on certain parts. I then sanded the parts with 600 grit and wet sanded it with 1,200 grit before priming.

After priming, I was really happy and relieved that all the seam lines were properly fixed! No need for putty or re-sanding thus I proceeded to painting the parts it's base coat. I was lazy to reassemble the parts after priming and might reassemble the whole thing after detail painting and weathering.

I primed the kit with my usual Bosny Grey primer, then I painted all the parts with my leftover Bosny paints. Steel Grey for the rifle, Lemon Yellow for the main parts and Dark Grey for the internals. Everything went well and I will post shade this with my airbrush soon. I will also need to detail paint a few parts and areas before weathering.

Again, this is my entry in the ZeroGunz Weathering versus Metallic GB, thus the weathering will be the major focus of this build. I will work on the detail painting a bit tonight and maybe work on it sparingly the whole week as I have to work with my MG Zeta commish during the coming weekend.

Now here are some photos of the progress so far...

Painted the main parts with Bosny White after priming and before panting it Lemon Yellow.

The glossines of the Lemon Yellow Bosny paint is obscuring the details.

DISCLAIMER: Bosny colored paints are not the ideal paints for Gunpla as they are a bit thick. If you are into spray cans, I'd recommend Pylox or Nikko as they are much thinner. Bosny grey primer works like a charm for me though. I have been using the primer for years.

Spraycan paints can be as smooth as this...

Citadel paints both for paint chipping effects and detail painting.

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update! :)

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