Friday, June 25, 2010

MG Sazabi WIP - further mods on the skirts and chest part

Ello guys, This might be my last photo of " the crOtch " ( MG Sazabi ) in its diorama... I do not want to ruin the surprise on the finished outcome ;). So my next updates are going to be close up photos of the specific areas or parts I have modded.

Anyways, " the crOtch " which inspires fear and DESIRE to the hearts of it's enemies will be further modded tonight... I might start detailing the dangling scrotum, I mean front skirt first and work around the other parts of the kit.

I have reshaped the boob / chest part with Selley's epoxy putty and was succesful in making the shape look more like a P@#&S! lol. I have also added a large vent type thingee on the front skirt and was successful in making it look like a $^%(^! I have to sand and refine the shape of the front skirt later.

I have also finished the basic shape of the rear skirt and will sand / file the excess pla plates ( intentional ) along the edges. Anyways, here are some pics...

In case you still could not figure out why the mods looks like a crotch so far... The inspiration of this build is mainly based on Zluca's Schanabelgun III and the " The O " sketch art that Gundam Guy posted a while back. here are the pics...

Thanks for dropping by! til next post! XD
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