Friday, June 25, 2010

Using C - clamps for Gunpla

My dad gave me these tools a few months back and I have 4 of these... this is not much of a tutorial but more of a tip or a tool instruction or something, but then again I think this could be helpful to a few new Gunpla modelers out there.

Basically these are miniature C - clamps, bigger clamps are used for wood works and metal works ( my dad has a metal / wood work shop - just his hobby though ). And this tool is really helpful, I have two main usage for this tool and make sure to grab a few of these coz it is really helpful.


I use the C - clamps to fasten multiple layers ( usually 4 ) of pla plates from .3mm to 2mm thick. I do this to file and sand the sides and corners of the 4 pla plates, thus producing 4 pieces of pla plates with identical shapes. Thus, I only measure and cut 1 piece and trace it over the succeeding pieces then file the sides at the same time.


Clamp those stubborn pla plates that are glued on curved surfaces that keeps on detaching itself. Best when your gluing  pla plates with .5mm or thicker to a curved surface. Of course let the cement cure before removing the clamps...thus you need at least 4 of this clamps if you mod your kits a lot.

thanks for dropping by! hope this is helpful. XD
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