Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/60 EX-S Gundam Head Desktop by aor_or_die

My good friend Aor_or_die just finished another masterpiece. Actually this is just a relax build for him as he took quite a while and a lot of work was put into his Lady Gaga Overflag. This is quite small as it is in 1/60 scale. 

As usual Aor added some extra pla plate detailing on this resin kit and his weathered finishing is always a delight to behold. His finishing gives his builds a military look to the mech and it always has a  very nice vibe as the kits has more character and has a very realistic war machine feel to it.

For a gazillion more photos of this masterpiece, here is the link to Aor_or _die's blog...

Thanks for dropping by! Hoped you liked Aor's masterpiece. :)

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