Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/35 Tieren Ground Type WIP part 2

Here is an update of one of my ZeroGunz GB entry. Again, I converted a 1/144 Tieren kit into a 1/35 scale as a bigger scale would allow more weathering techniques than a 1/144 kit. I also plan to put some weld marks on some parts as I think weld mark effects can only be realistically applied to bigger scaled projects like this one.

The bent 2mm rod took half of my life, I heated it with a lighter but it kept breaking. Plus I cannot produce 2 peices with identical curves. I will have to put weld marks around the edges between the fat tube and the rod to hide those hideous gaps.

I also trimmed the pilot further and totally inserted it to the neck making it look safer to pilot the Tieren. A large piece from a MKII hangar was also placed in front of the Tieren to give it a bigger cockpit area look. Though I think the 1/35 pilot fits snuggly inside the torso as it is, adding the huge piece made the torso area look a ton bigger.

I also made a cloth of some sort to protect the pilot from the elements. I used a couple of .3 mm pla plates and simply heated it with lighter. I know that the top part should be tight and stretched though while I was burning the sides and leaving the top part stretched... it kinda  looked boring. Thus I also melted the top part giving it a looser look and makes you think that the Tieren is in a windy cliff or something. A nice simple cliff base should reinforce the windy look and concept.

Anyways, here are some progress photos of the kit so far...

I am planning on putting panel lines with weld marks on the upper thigh, leg and arm parts. I will also put lots of battle damage effects on the obvious parts that needs them like the leg shield and shoulder mounted shields. 

Hope to go about those modifications today, though my whole fat body is aching right now, coz I played a couple of hours of basketball last night with my officemates. Even my fingers are numb and aching! dang! I really need to trim down my food intake and play more ball.

On a side note, I designed a WIP logo for my ongoing projects from now on. I had a huge DC23 logo in all my photos before, but I kinda find it so narcissistic these days, thus a WIP logo and a small text of my name is a better move I think. I got the inspiration of just putting a small text of my name and my blog from master Fichtenfoo of course. No need for hard sell at this point ( hehe ). :)

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update! :)

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