Saturday, December 11, 2010

Turn A bust detailing - my side project

Suddenly inspired to work on this Banpresto Turn A Gundam head display after posting the news of our massive 1/35 Gundam resin project. I can't really dive into any build this December due to a ton of Christmas distractions. I am piling up on my personal project WIPs ( Evangelion and Gundam Avalanche ) and I also have to work on 2 MG Zeta commission works. One of the Zeta commish I have started to work on already.

Anyways, I just added panel lines to the face of the Turn A bust yesterday. The original bust looks cool as it is but it lacks any sort of decent details. I also added a few leftover koto parts and might add simple pla plating soon. I have yet to work on the rear side of the head and the neck though.

I am thinking of giving this a nice weathered look and maybe even a diorama. This will just be a side project and will work on it whenever the mood arises. Now here are a few photos of the head so far...

This is how plain the head looks before the panel lines...

Thanks for dropping by! Til next post! :D

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