Friday, December 10, 2010

1st 1/35 Gundam resin kit made in the Philippines!?!

G-System resin kits  is basically the authority when it comes to 1/35 and 1/72 Gundam resin kits. They also have 1/100 conversion kits that uses the MG internals from Bandai. Our friends from the US Matt Tomczek does a lot of these kits, same as with Matt Mrozek.

Unfortunately these kits are a bit on the pricey side and it is safe to say that most Filipino modelers could not afford them. However, we are planning to do a 1/35 Gundam resin kit by next year. It will not be mass produced but will only be available for a very limited run only.

My fellow Filipino partner ( Alex A. ) is highly confident that his sculptors could pull off a nice 1/35 Gundam resin kit much like how they pull off topnotch statues of comic and movie characters. I and MatX will be overseeing the progress and the design of the Gundam resin kit Filipino version, once we start to work with it by next year ( 2011 ).

I have reason to believe this will be the first 1/35 Gundam resin kit made in the Philippines if we ever pull it off. Actually I am thinking of a 1/24 scale but we would discuss the feasibility of this huge project first and if we actually have a market for such a thing.

I will make sure to update you about this massive project and maybe post some WIP photos as we progress. We will be finalizing the plans in the 1st MAC Christmas party. For the mean time here are some WIP photos of my partner Alex as they work on a 1/2 scale Predator statue...

So... would you like to have a 1/35 Gundam resin kit made in the Philppines??? :)
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