Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hobby Japan 13th " Ora Zaku " Grand Champion

Much like Toymaker's Trinity... most if not all of you have seen this monster already. However, like all of my features I want this in my archives for easier access whenever I want a Gunpla inspiration. This is basically a 1/100 scratch built kit modelled by Takuya and this kit won in the annual Hobby Japan All Japan " Ora Zaku " Championship.

Not much words to explain the beauty and level of difficulty of building such a masterpiece. When I was a newbie back in 2008 whenever I see these sort of builds I always think of it as humanly impossible. Now that I know a little bit about modifications and scratch building, I now understand that this is really impossible! hehehe

Anyways, a ton of photos of this masterpiece in here...

Thanks for dropping by! Til next feature! :)

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