Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bandai Model Kit World Cup 2010 Group Category World Champion

In my vain attempt to cover the recently concluded Bandai Model Kit World Cup... as much as every modeler in the world is aware now... The BMKWC Group Category Champion's gallery is up at Toymaker's! Toymaker and company named this winner... The Trinity Beasts!

I have not much words to describe this masterpiece as 5 really good modelers coordinated to produce such a work of art! Insane out of this world level of craftsmanship of 5 individuals put together and ending up with an epic work. I never thought the diorama of this build is also wickedly detailed. simply EPIC!

A ton more photos and description of this build at Toymaker's blog...

Thanks for dropping by! Hoped you like this BMKWC feature. :D

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