Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my works featured in YouTube by kamniks

I just got home from the office and while browsing around youtube for some inspiration, I was surprised to see my works as some stranger stole my photos and made a video slideshow of my Gunplas! I was a bit in awe at first but then I realize that kamniks is Kamm.... just joking Kamm! hihihi

The whole paragraph is a joke, my good friend Jonathan Kaminski aka Kamm in Gunpla forums and kamniks in youtube, asked me to answer a handful of questions for his first feature in youtube a few days ago. Kamm plans to feature modelers monthly and I am the first one to be featured.

I really like the soundtrack and I must say that my kits looks a ton better in video than in photos. I love the feature so much, just a bit curious on how my " The Graveyard " dio would look in video if it was included too. I was almost in tears to see my kits in youtube for the first time, I actually watched it 3 times!

Thanks a ton Kamm! I deeply appreciate the feature man! ; )
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