Friday, December 3, 2010

BMKWC Expert category was cancelled...

BMKWC Singapore is rolling until December 13, BMKWC Philippines and BMKWC Malaysia has champions already. BMKWC Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the other countries should be rolling soon. This is pretty exciting and roughly around December 25 the World Championships 2010 will commence again.

I just learned from a good online friend that the rules was a bit altered in their country. My reliable source ( hehehe ) told me that the Expert category was cancelled in this year's ( 2010 ) BMKWC. Thus all expert modelers could join and compete in the PRO category and have a chance to compete in the finals at Hong Kong!

In the Philippines we actually had an expert category this year ( in which I joined ) and we had a blast in the event. However after my chat with my good friend, I thought... Is it possible for Bankee / Bandai to cancel the expert category in the Philippines next year ( 2011 ) ??? and let the old winners join the PRO category again?

Woot! that will be great! I feel I do not belong in the expert category anyways. I have only been playing with plastic for 3 years and I feel I still belong in the PRO category, hihihi. Maybe they should change the rule " 3 time winner = expert category " to " 5 years experience = expert category ".

The 5 year rule will allow " new "modelers like me ( 3 years experience ) to enjoy the PRO category a little bit more. And get the chance to play in the BIG stage at Hong Kong finals like the other countries. On the other hand, experienced modelers ( 5 years and up ) would automatically not be allowed to join in the PRO category. Fair enough right ???

Oh well, nothing to take seriously... just a BMKWC after thought...
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