Sunday, October 31, 2010

my MG Sazabi is done!!! THANK YOU! :D

I have finished putting decals and weathering of my MG Sazabi today! save some soot effects in a few areas the kit itself is done and ready for November 6! Unfortunately it rained a bit today, thus I was not able to paint the backpack. I will paint both backpack and 1/72 figures tomorrow definitely and try to finish a few days before the event.

Sorry though coz I won't be posting any more photos of my MG Sazabi. Hopefully even though I shared so much in the WIP of this build, There will still be an element of surprise once you guys have seen the whole mech. I will present my " the Gilgamesh project " very soon! thank you as always for the support!

On a side note, my deepest thanks to the 3 ( so far 2 are posted ) young modelers who joined our first SD competition. I will have to feature these guys within the week and decide after Bandai World Cup the ultimate winner who has the funniest and best SD kit. Goodluck guys!
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