Monday, November 1, 2010

MSN-04 Sazabi ver DC23

I have been working with this kit since around June but I only worked on it for roughly 3 months since then. Too much distractions since July thus I was only able to focused on working on this build for the last couple of months ( September & October ).

I have two inspirations for this build... the first one is Schnabelgun III by Zluca which has outstanding out of this world weathering. I am not capable of such topnotch weathering though, but I hope to reach that level one of these years.

My second inspiration is my own AC White Glint which was my first international ( client from the US ) commission work. I was really surprised to have pulled that build off coz it was my first time to do a good job on weathering a white mech.

As I've said before, the AC White Glint is the most impressive looking kit out of the box that I have built. The overall look of the mech with the Vanguard Overed Boost was outstanding. Thus, my MG Sazabi is simply a vain attempt to replicate the look of the White Glint.

This is going to be my entry in the up and coming Bandai World Cup 2010 for the Expert category. Although it will have a backpack and a diorama during the event. I obviously do not want the main kit to be revealed in not so good coverage photos come Saturday. Unless you have a really nice SLR, lighting in the event is just too lousy for the usual point and shoot camera ( like mine ). So, I present to you my standalone MG Sazabi ver DC23 ahead of time...

The diorama - the Gilgamesh project

Thanks a ton to all the support throughout the build! without you guys I won't have enough inspiration to finish this build. THANK YOU to ALL! :D
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