Sunday, August 29, 2010

PG MKII commission - WIP - Sazabi diorama

After exactly 20 days of zero Gunpla for me...I have updates alas! hihi. I started re working on this project yesterday... decided that the diorama is done and added some koto parts and pla plating on the PG MKII and yes this is the Sazabi diorama I am giving up for this build.

 I asked the client if he is ok with a 50cm x 50cm diorama for his PG MKII and he agreed to it. Thus I am giving my Bakuc 2010 Sazabi diorama for this build. I removed the crane stuffs in front as those are 1/100 and have primed the diorama today.

I will be hand painting the base color of the  groundwork tonight, let it cure overnight and try to finish the diorama by tomorrow. I will be airbrushing and add some weathering on the dio to compliment the MKII, coz the MKII will also be weathered. The PG MKII is almost done also, just a few small pla plate strips and it is ready for priming.

The original MKII diorama sucks... so giving up the Sazabi dio is an obvious choice. The good thing about giving up the Saz dio is that I will be working on a new Sazabi diorama for Bakuc. hihihi... I will keep it a secret for now, so stay tuned guys. Now here are a ton of photos of my PG MKII progress so far...

Thanks for dropping by! til' next post guys! XD
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