Friday, August 27, 2010

my Car Town custom cars

Ello guys, just want to share my three new Car Town cars before retiring to bed today. I basically left 5 work bays to work for 24 hours and entered my Dodge Ram Joker in a car show... nothing left to do but to wait until tomorrow to collect the money done by my work bays.

I am having fun with customizing my cars with custom decals / graphics that I do in Adobe Photoshop... but as usual I am not good with the " racing stuff " of the game as I have always been bad in games that requires " finger speed ". hehe

Anyways, here are my Nissan NSX with a not so good Banzai graphics, my Toyota Scion in Tribal tattoo graphics and my 2010 Camaro Bumble Bee graphic template for those who have Camaros and want BBee graphics on them...

Thanks for dropping by!... I might have considerable amount of updates on my PG MKII and MG Sazabi by next week. Til' next post! XD

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