Thursday, September 2, 2010

IPMS Manila Philippines

Ello guys, I joined IPMS Manila chapter last July this year when one of it's members Timothy Zarco aka steiner invited me to join their club. I was so busy with MAC stuffs for the past few months so I was not able to participate in the boards as of now.

I am looking forward to learning some military stuffs, specially weathering and dio building in their boards soon and I am also excited as I will be joining their meet up for the first time! I got an invite from Tim to join their mee tup this September!

IPMS Manila is an international club based in the Philippines and is recognized and supported by all retail stores all over Metro Manila as a gesture of support for the growth of the hobby. IPMS Manila is the only chapter of International Plastic Modeling Society USA in the Philippines and Asia.

Just enjoy the hobby guys! XD
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