Friday, July 23, 2010

Starcraft Terran Marine 1/30 model kit - snapfit

Ello guys, I snap fitted a 1/30 model kit of a Starcraft Marine by Academy. It was a fun build, took me about 20 minutes to snap fit the little guy. There are seam lines all over except the rifle but the mold is nice and crisp and the alignment of the parts is perfect. It actually snaps better than a AC kit.

I bought this kit coz I plan to pair it with my first ever painted model kit which is a 1/30 Zerg Hydralisk. However I find the Terran too small for the Zerg, so I need to get a couple more of this Terran kit before I could create a nice interesting diorama.

Unlike the Zerg kit which has vinyl parts, the Terran is purely made up of plastic parts. Even the joints are made of hard plastic. Again, the mold is excellent and the pose-ability limited. My fav part is the details on the head of the Terran, it is actually very nice and looks very aggressive.

The only problem that I think that I will encounter is the cast metal texture of the kit... After seam line and nub marks removal, I will have to replicate the texture as it will be sanded off for sure. Anyways, here are some pics of this very nice 1/30 Terran Marine kit...

It even came with a water slide decal... nice! 

It came with two heads, one dome head and a human head, I love to use both thus I need to get a couple more of these figure. ;)

Gun is nicely molded in one piece, no seam lines to fix like 1/35 military kits...

I am not really sure if the scale of the figures relative to each other is correct... They are both 1/30 kits, but is the Zerg Hydralisk really that huge in comparison to a Terran Marine?

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! XD
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