Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bandai Model Kit World Cup Philippines???

Ello guys, there is much fuzz about the new Bandai competition this year. The US has two companies claiming sponsorship and this was announced at Singapore also. Malaysia has yet to get an announcement I think and so is Indonesia and the Philippines.

MatX made a phone call yesterday to a  Bankee official and inquired about the new contest. First of all Bankee is the sole and official distributor of Bandai products in the Philippines. Bankee co - sponsors and organizes such events in the Philippines.

Apparently, the World Cup is just a " renamed " Bakuc with a little tweaking in the rules and a couple of additional categories. There is now an OOTB category and a Group category. The ootb category I see as a replacement to the new challenger category of some sort or to anyone who loves the original design of the mechs and the group category sounds interesting!

We are having these discussions in the MAC forums these past few days... no serious discussions actually, me and mdgelo are just fooling around the discussion section and acting that we are at it again. hahaha... Like we say in the forums... May the biggest crotch win! XD

Anyways, the main question for me is the rule tweaking??? I mean, there are rumors that the Bakuc experts can now join the Pro category again, which means resetting the old rule of " 3 time top 3 winner in past Bankee competitions should be in the expert category and not allowed to join the Pro category ". And also the winner in the Pro category will represent their country in Tokyo, Japan and not Hong Kong.

Anyways, these are all rumors and unofficial news now, the only official news that we confirmed is that it is just practically a renamed Bakuc...We will check with Bankee for the official announcement soon.

So, hehehe... Just enjoy the hobby guys! XD
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