Monday, June 28, 2010

T-Hobby chisels from Hobbies Corner arrived today!

Wahoo! I ordered a T-Hobby chisel tool set, 6 pieces of MSG option parts and 4 pieces of clear acrylic 6mm 12 inch long rods last week at hobbies corner. I think I was able to confirm the cost and send the money through paypal around Thursday and I have it already today ( Monday ). Fast delivery... good stuff man!

The chisel set is a very welcome addition to my tools! Now I could do variations in terms of width for some panel line scribing. I will test and practice this tool some time soon and will show you the results. Hopefully I learn to use this tool fast enough so that I can use it in my Saz build.

The chisel set looks really nice inside its leather case... it also came with 8 sheets of sand paper in different grits. The chisel is made up of stainless and it looks pretty solid. This is my nicest tool so far... Heck my Tamiya HG Airbrush III does not even have a plastic case much more a leather one. lol

I still have around 40+ packs of MSG option parts but I ordered 6 more packs that will specifically be used for the steam punk mods of the Sazabi. I also ordered 4 pieces of 6mm clear acrylic rods, they are 12 inch long. I was actually surprised that the rods are 12 inch long.

One piece of this rod could mount 2 to 3 kits depending on the height of the kit on top of the dio. This will be my first time to use clear acrylic rods as mounts, I have been using stainless and brass rods before which sticks out like a sore thumb. However, my Sazabi is not in flight pose... too heavy I think for the acrylic rods. hihi... the acrylic rods are for another project. Here are some pics...

My camera run out of juice, I will try to take better pics later...anyways thanks for dropping by! XD

P.S. Thanks a ton to oldman for the fast delivery and the free MSG option part! Do try ordering at hobbies corner... great service indeed! XD

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