Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My newest inspiration - Zluca's SchnabelGun III

Ello guys, as you have noticed I love weathering and love looking at weathered kits in particular and every time I do so these days, I have Zluca's masterpieces in mind. Z's most recent work is the SchnabelGun III which is a garage resin kit scratch built by Z himself and re casted and is for sale in his website,

Scratch building a monster of a mech like this aside ( humanly impossible ), I really drool over the finishing of his works. This is over the top weathering, paint chipping, metal scratches, metal chippings, rust, dirt, mud, soot, oil stains...everything is painted intricately and blended together masterfully by Z.

I can only do the paint chipping and a few rust colored enamel washes...but beyond that is out of my comprehension. I mean, going beyond what my abilities in weathering can do is a risk too much to explore for me. And, if ever I could summon enough guts and courage to super weather a kit like what Z does, I am pretty sure I would end up with a garbage looking grunt.

Anyways, It is really difficult to put into words Zluca's masterpiece, so I copied a few photos here...

Do visit Zluca's site and also the vast gallery of his SchnabelGun III, it is a visual experience for any mech fan out there. ;)
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