Friday, June 4, 2010

I've kinda hit a brick wall here...

I've kinda hit a brick wall here, I am still undecided with what kit to do for Bakuc 2010... lots of really good kits are coming out and lots of nice kits I want to do. I have a simple Bakuc poll in my sidebar and it has gotten some nice interesting feedbacks and quite a number of votes ( thank you ), but I am still undecided. Dang, I hate this feeling.

I just finished a couple of kits this month ( AC White Glint and the MG Wing ) so I think I am nothing short of productive enough even though I am pretty hooked up with blogging. I should be working with my PG MKII commission work and at least be painting the SD Tallgeese ( that I had the seam lines fixed already during the AC WG build ) and the 1/144 GN-X which is ready for priming. but NO, I am pretty stagnant this week.

Uninspired? I don't think so, a million thanks to people who visits this blog and people who I regularly interact with in the forums. Unmotivated? definitely not, I just read and heard a few people telling me how numbskulls ( yes I like to call my critics numbskulls ) are trying to pull me down. Burnt out? not really, I play with my kids, play a few video games and relax a few days after each build. So WTF is my problem?

Well, as I've said, there are lots of really good choices out there on what to do for Bakuc... I have the MG Dom, hguc Kshatriya and the MG Sinanju already at hand and the hguc Kshatriya is winning slightly over the MG Sinanju ( in the poll ). However, I think and feel that for me to decide on what kit I should be working on after the PG MKII build could be decided better if I have all the choices ( in my poll ) at hand. Now here lies the problem...

I think I've hit the brick wall coz I am basically procrastinating. I need to work with the PG MKII build already but I want to work with it once I've at least decided on what to do after it. I will be getting the MG Sazabi by next week and will finally see how it looks like beside both the hguc Kshatriya and the MG Sinanju. I really could not afford to get the PG OO raiser yet, plus it has low votes in the poll anyways.

 So once I have the MG Sazabi by next week I can then compare it to my hguc Kshatriya and MG Sinanju and MG Dom, then I think I could clearly decide on what kit to work with for 3 months starting around August. Another slight problem is the looming release of the MG the O, is it worth the wait?... hmmm, I don't think so, if it is released by September ...then I am dead, I think I need to be starting my Bakuc 2010 project by August.

Anyways, I will be shipping the AC White Glint by Sunday and will also be working with the PG MKII by weekend but I will definitely be uneasy until I have the MG Sazabi at hand. ;)

Thanks for dropping by guys! til next post! XD
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