Sunday, June 6, 2010

The O II sketch art

I read this a few days ago at Gundam Guy's blog and I cannot keep my mind of it. It kinda reminds me of Zluca's Schnabelgun III. As G.G. mentioned in his blog, this is basically a Zeon remnant MS that he read in " Mobile Suit Gundam Revival of Zeon ".

Anyways I just want to share it with you here, as G.G. said this could be a good reference for modding the upcoming MG the O in September ( or August? ). I highly doubt someone could finish one like this for Bakuc this year coz if the O really is released on September, that will only be a couple of months before Bakuc 2010.

Thus, for someone to pull this off for Bakuc, you have to spend two months of sleepless nights. But then again, we would not know... maybe someone does can pull this off using the MG the O for Bakuc. let's wait and see then. ;)
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