Sunday, June 6, 2010

My cheapo hauls today! XD

Ello guys, I just got home from the shopping mall with my wife and kids, basically I brought the AC White Glint to FedEX for shipping, did some groceries, bought the kids a few cheapo toys, played with the kids in the arcade and treated ourselves to lunch and of course got myself some few stuffs.

The FedEX shipping attempt was a failure, first I inquired at DHL and to GO ( local shipping companies, I think ) then I inquired at FedEX. The attendants are cool and accomodating...but the price is NOT! FedEX is a 100 Php cheaper than DHL and to Go but FedEX is charging me 5,100 Php that is 110 USD! Apparently it is my fault.

Now I know that the shipping companies are charging you in terms of the size/dimension of your package or the weight of the package whichever is bigger. So, using the MG Zeong box was a NO NO...due to its huge dimension ( even though it weighs less than half a kilo ) is really expensive to ship. So basically I bought some bubble wraps today and will try to pack the kit in a smaller box. wish me luck guys. XD

Anyways, due to the shipping frustration I bought a few small cheapo stuffs for myself...I got meself some large markers, a couple of Gundam keychains, a Starcraft 1/20 Terran model kit, a set of 1/72 figures and a tool for modeling. Here they are...

These huge permanent markers can serve me well for a scratch building project I have in mind...similar to what I did with the scratch built backpack I am working on...

This is the last item they have of this Hasegawa 1/20 model kit of a Terran from Stracraft... Alas, my first ever painted model kit, the 1/20 Zerg kit has a company.

It is overly difficult or impossible to find 1/60 or 1/100 figures here in the Philippines...So I got this 1/72 figures for my PG MKII commission build... Just like my " The Graveyard " diorama in which I used 1/87 figures to accompany 1/100 Gundam Seed kits... I will be using this 1/72 figs for my 1/60 PG MKII diorama.

My first Walx Gundam clip is the green Zaku and now I got myself a couple more Walx Gundam clips...a purple Dom and a yellow Acguy clip. I will take photos of this cute little Zeon guys soon.

Lastly, the most expensive ( but still relatively cheap, specially for a tool ) haul I got today. A reamer, this tool is used to make drilled holes bigger. It could make a hole as big as 3mm to 14mm to fit some MSG parts or whatever you want in the hole. Looking forward to using this new tool soon and will share it to you guys. XD

Wish me luck with the shipping guys! thanks for dropping by... til' next post! XD
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