Thursday, June 24, 2010

MG Sazabi WIP - prelim mods on crotch, front skirt and chest part.

Stand aside " the O "... I present to you " The crOtch "! lol

I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours yesterday and today before work to do the preliminary shapes and mods of the crotch, the front skirts and the chest part. Obviously I am going for an exaggerated steam punk - out of proportion - super sci fi - The O look.

Big Guns are the in thing these days, so aside from trying to scratch build a big Gun later,  I started on a big backpack already, the big crotch is taking shape and the big front skirts also... will try to squeeze time to do the basic shape of the big rear skirt later today. hihi

Basically I used the tank of a Gunner Zaku for the chest and used some aqua epoxy to reshape it a bit. I will need to reshape it further coz the shape is too missile like. I think like any other mods... the chest will be the hardest part to refine and pull off.

I used some 2mm, 1.2mm and 1mm pla plates for the crotch and the front skirt. Obviously I have to beef up the front skirt soon, but the crotch has its main shape already. I will have to reshape the rear skirt and maybe the shoulder armors before detailing this build.

I just realized how slow I am in scratch building... I am having nose bleeds every time I measure the pla plates, but its kinda fun once you see and imagine how it will turn out. Anyways, here are some more angle pics of the preliminary mods so far...

ALL C&Cs are most welcome at this point of the build...thanks for dropping by! til' next update! XD
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