Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BAKUC project update - the big picture

Ello guys, just a quick update on my Bakuc 2010 diorama. I have salvaged a few parts from my stash and just slapped it on the diorama. Some shoulder mounted cannons from both the hguc and MG Guncannon, a crane from a MG MKII base, a crane from a 1/87 fire truck and a few more small pieces of it looks like crap! lol

I have also done the main platform using a 1mm pla plate, scribed a few lines and a few sections were removed using some Hasegawa saws... I will put details on those recessed areas soon. Ths MKII crane was cut with Tamiya saws and fitted nicely on the left side. Further details on the walls and some wiring scattered all over the floor of the platform will be added  to give the hangar a more steam punk look.

I figured that over detailing the hangar won't out stage the MG Sazabi coz the painting will be predominantly gray anyways. Plus, the sheer size of the Saz and the simple composition of the diorama would still make the Saz the main focal point. It is just a simple hangar dio after all. The " The Graveyard " effect of out staging the main mech ( Infinite Justice ) should never happen again.

Anyways, here are a few more pics on the dio so far...

Thanks for dropping by! til next post! XD
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