Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is your Gunpla preference???

Ello guys, I created a poll at the sidebar just for fun. The question is " What is your Gunpla preference? "... Ok, ok I know this is a very wide topic, I mean there is a wide range of levels of modifications out there from custom color schemes, detailing mods and extreme facelift modifications.

But just for the sake of the poll...let us make it simple ( just for fun anyways ) and categorized builds in two main divisions. OOTB or Out of The Box are builds with 0 modifications or subtle modifications which looks like No modifications ( mods that are aimed to improve articulation or add a little more but the kit still looks like OOTB ).

Second is the Modified category which is obviously the creative rendition of a modeler to a certain kit... such as custom color schemes, obvious detailing mods, kit bash and moderate to extreme mods that are very obvious even at first glance.

And lastly, both categories have sub categories which are basically the finishing of the build. Some prefer it clean, weathered or even battle damaged...Now, start voting guys! and let us see how many modelers prefer OOTB or MODIFIED. XD
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