Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fulltime Freelance Artist


Today marks my first day as a "Fulltime Freelance Artist". I will be a ton more active with my painting projects and illustrations from now on. This Blog should be lively again. I wish to be active both with my illustrations and my paintings, and will try to be active in various graphic design and creative commission works.

I am waiting for my UpWork profile to get reviewed at this moment. I wish to do a ton of creative freelance work for various clients all over. I already saw some interesting stuff at UpWork since last night. This "freelance artist' stuff should be fun.

Not much to tell as of now. Will work on a handful of commissioned illustrations within the next couple of weeks and will try to build up my portfolio at UpWork at the same time. Focusing on my craft from now on. Pretty sure I will be overly productive this time around.

Do hit me anytime for commission work inquiries -

Thanks as always for dropping by! Ciao! 
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