Thursday, February 9, 2017

Don Suratos Online Shop SOON!


Just finished the initial setup of my Online Shop yesterday. Uploaded a few artworks and did a bit of tweaks on the basic design. Still working on some settings and getting used to the admin page of the website, but I am pretty happy with the ease of use of the template so far.

Prices are all temporary. Me and wifey is to check the actual costs and shipping rates of selling these prints. We will also look into selling them on shirts. After working on some "Math" stuff, we should launch the Online Store as soon as we can!

I am also currently working on a series of character designs for an upcoming board game. You'll see glimpses of those drawings on my Instagram and Twitter accounts ( @don_suratos ). But will post them here, once I get to have a design approved by my client.

The "checkout" option of the Online Shop is still locked. But you could view the site and the drawings that will be sold there soon! As always, thanks for dropping by! Do check out our new Online Shop in the link below...

Don Suratos Online Shop


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