Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OLD BOYS Group Build and GBWC 2014 Philippines Entry

OLD BOYS Groub Build and GBWC 2014 Philippines Entryphoto

BANKEE ( Official distributor of Bandai Gunpla model kits in the Philippines ) has just released the RULES and MECHANICS of the upcoming Gunpla Builders World Cup this year! And to my utmost delight, I may now join the Open Category once again! It has been a while since the rules allowed me to join ( see post here ) and I am very excited to start my work on my kit this weekend!

The PG Strike Freedom is not my original plan to enter for this year's GBWC. However unlike previous years, they have moved the competition a month earlier ( usually November ). So I only have barely 3 months to go. I know and I feel that I model kits slower than previous years, so instead of submitting this PG Strike Freedom for our OLD BOYS GB, I will need to enter this same kit as my GBWC entry. Not much choice as you can only do so much in less than 3 months.

Not much custom PG Strike Freedom around the net though ( lazy to search around much ). I have been googling in vain although I found a few great kits from other modelers...

OLD BOYS Groub Build and GBWC 2014 Philippines Entryphoto

The objective of the build is to try not to KITBASH 10 Master Grade kits and come up with a clustterfuk design. I admire the work of last year's World Champion so much, will try to come up with an interesting kit without putting the boosters of my MG EXS on top of the shoulders of this PG Strike Freedom. I am pretty sure my chance of winning is slimmer, but will stick to my goal of not kitbashing like a madman just to try to win ( LOL ). Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of very talented kitbashers out there with very impressive stuffs! But let's be honest, some works are not so good.

Anyways, goodluck to all particpants. Just enjoy the hobby, enjoy the process, and let the battle begin!!!
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