Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3D Drone modelled by Mr.GAV

3D Drone by MrGAV photo

I am planning to revisit my 3D skills ( 3D Studio Max / Maya ) soon and it was a really nice surprise that one of the better fellow Gundam modeller in Mr.Gav is very good at the same craft!

3D modelling is a tedious work. It requires skills and patience much like Gunpla, only you do not get your hands dirty. It is a super fun way of creating creatures and mecha from nothing. Personally the only downside is that you could not hold it between your hands unlike actual plastic models. Nevertheless it is a very fun and fulfilling craft!

 I have featured Mr. Gav numerous times here in my blog - Mr. Gav @ DC23mecharts

However I am inviting you to visit his own website for more photos of his marvelous Drone modelled in 3D! Super cool inspiring stuff that I few people could scratch build with plastic! Here is the link below to Mr.Gav's website...


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