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Sunday, March 23, 2014

1/144 RG Zaku diorama WIP - initial layout

Highly inspired by the 1/144 Zaku diorama modelled by PICO ( see photo below ), I thought of using my 1/144 Real Grade Zaku that was a gift by Kenny Lim aka TOYMAKER.

I have always thought of using my 1/144 RG Zaku for a diorama. I wanted to make  a decent diorama to make sure I used Kenny's gift well ( insert bro love here ). Then PICO's build struck me like lightning! It took me a couple of weeks to finally come up with a diorama that would be dramatic and scenic like that of PICO's.

My diorama is highly inspired by PICO's diorama but I do not want mine to look like a rip off! So I thought of a landslide scene! Basically my Zaku is trying to hold back landslide to protect people passing through.

I could go with 2 different directions here. Past or present! I mean I could make the Zaku look like it is already part of the mountain side as the landslide happened years back OR I could make it look like the landslide is happening in the present. 

I could also make it look like the diorama is happening on a moon or happening on earth. Anyways, I hope this turns out well. The initial lay out of the scene looks a bit promising though. 

Thanks for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby. :)

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