Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WARMACHINE Collosals preview video

Privateer Press WARMACHINE Collosals Preview photo

I am killing time in the office watching and reading a lot of Privateer Press for the past couple of hours and I figured that any reader of this site would enjoy this video.

I am very new to this table top hobby and should just be getting ( buying ) my 3rd Hordes unit later today. I am so amazed at all the characters that Warmachine and Hordes has to offer though as I find them very original and nothing like your usual aliens and other usual stuffs.

If you are into robots, much more steampunk designs... then Warmachine is the perfect stuff to go!

The video below features the upcoming Warmachine Collosals of both the Cygnar ( blue ) faction and a glimpse of the collosal of the Khador ( red ) faction. Both are great stuff! Although I find the Khador Collosal a bit more menacing. Do check out the video and hope non-Warmachine and Hordes fan gets to like these great wargaming stuff more after seeing these huge Collosals!

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