Monday, March 19, 2012

Fête des gosses @

Fête des gosses @ photo

Really really cool stuff I came across at CMON ( CoolMiniOrNot ).

Spending most of my time at both the Privateer Press forums and CoolMiniOrNot is so refreshing after so many years of playing with plastic robots ( Gundam ). My old galleries are full of my old plastic robots still, but I hope to outnumber them with miniatures soon ( at least this year ).

This particular mini vignette makes you hold a smile for the rest of the day. A baby Predator versus a baby Alien! Intricte sculpts and very clever story. Painting is perfect as always as you will seldom see less than outstanding works at CMON.

You could vote and view this photo at CMON in HERE or head out to the artists site... here is the link guys...

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