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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HORDES Battlegroup starter ( plastic ) sets

HORDES Battlegroup starter plastic set photo

I am obviously just starting out in this miniature thing and would just like to share everything I see and learn from the hobby.

Much like any guy new to wargaming or miniature collecting, you would not know what army to grab or start to collect. There are 11 Factions in the Iron Kingdoms universe which includes both the Warmachine and Hordes armies. Too many very nice Factions to choose from... too many miniatures to buy, not too much money to spare ( lol ).

I am personally building up my Trollbloods army these days, but I am already itchy to get a few starter sets to try painting minis that are not blue. Might get a starter set soon depending on my budget, if not will just patiently and slowly build up my Trollbloods army.

Privateer Press offers some great starter sets for new people like me though. Grab a couple and you start playing with a friend or brother! Don't be fooled with the size of your starter set army... the great thing about Warmachine / Hordes is that UNLIKE other wargaming platforms, it is equally intense and fun playing with a small Warmahordes army as much as playing a huge one.

So do check out the various Hordes Factions and start your very first by grabbing a starter box now! Here are the links to the official Privateer Press battlegroup galleries...

HORDES Battlegroup starter plastic set photo

HORDES Battlegroup starter plastic set photo

HORDES Battlegroup starter plastic set photo

HORDES Battlegroup starter plastic set photo


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