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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WARMACHINE 2 player battle box soon?!

WARMACHINE 2 player battle box photo

Don't get me wrong, I love my Trollbloods and I have been slowly building up a Trollbloods army since last month. however I am a very very impatient man. I have been eyeing to get s Long Riders unit and a Dygmies unit since last week but still it leaves me with an incomplete Troll army ( I think )... so I have been looking at the starter sets until I found this!

The starter sets are great at 50 USD and is a great value for money. Although I would never get the Trollbloods Warpack set ( as you get 2 identical Impaler figures ), I find the Skorne and Khador starter sets very enticing! Well until I found this Warmachine 2 player battle box set!

Hope my wife ain't be reading this post... but I am set to get this set maybe before OR after getting myself some Throllbloods Dygmies.

This set is the ultimate value for money and I am excited to play with one of my officemates and my brother with this one! The set comes with a whopping 17 plastic resin figures and comes with all the shebang you need to start playing. Including an 86 page rulebook!

In Warmachine players assume the role of Warcasters as they lead their armies into battle.  Warcasters are impressive warriors that can call on legions of Warjacks (giant coal-fired robots) and squads of hardened warriors to aid them in battle.

The core of each Warcaster’s force is comprised of his/her Warjacks. On its own a Warjack is capable of only the most rudimentary actions, but when controlled by a Warcaster its efficiency and deadliness increase dramatically. The careful use of Warjacks can decide a battle for a seasoned Warcaster.

Warmachine is a tabletop miniatures game where players collect, assemble, and paint models representing the various soldiers, warmachines, and creatures in their armies.

To get new players started with Warmachine,  Privateer Press have released the new Warmachine Two Player Battle Box starter set.

This new starter set contains the following :
  • Complete ‘Warmachine Prime MkII’ rules set in a travel-sized, 86 page softback book.
  • A Quick Start Rules guide
  • An Introduction Guide to the world of Warmachine.
  • A Mini No Quarter magazine
  • 4 Dice
  • Ruler
The starter also includes 17 plastic Warmachine models, each with it’s own stat card!
  • Khador Warcaster Kommander Sorscha
  • Khador Juggernaut Heavy Warjack
  • Khador Destroyer Heavy Warjack
  • Khador Man-O-War Shocktrooper Unit (5 Models)
  • Protectorate of Menoth Warcaster High Exemplar Kreoss
  • Protectorate of Menoth Crusader Heavy Warjack
  • Protectorate of Menoth Vanquisher Heavy Warjack
  • Protectorate of Menoth Repenter Light Warjack
  • Protectorate of Menoth Exemplar Cinerators Unit (5 models.)
Great stuff! Thanks as always to Privateer Press! You would be spending almost double the price ( 100 USD ) if you were to buy the 17 figures individually. Should be painting some steampunk Warjacks soon!

WARMACHINE 2 player battle box photo

WARMACHINE 2 player battle box photo

WARMACHINE 2 player battle box photo


ramtraz said...

hi dc!

would like to ask what is the advantage, if ever there is one, in using enamel paints for warmachine units? and is it really just 50 USD for this 2 player battle box? does the shop in greenhills have this?

Don Suratos ( DC23 ) said...

Enamels are strong thus your paint job won't be damaged easily... but I think they are a bit thick for minis. too inexperience with enamels to answer your question actually. Fortress should have the box... I think it is 100 USD. :)

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