Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NEW look for my NEW hobby! Adios Gunpla...

NEW website look for my NEW hobby photo

This is basically my second week on " Graveyard shift " at work... It's basically a 10:30pm to 6:30am shift. Sounds cool? Not really... I need to travel more than an hour from work and it is always almost 8am by the time I attempt to sleep.

Lots of things happening since my last mindless rambling here in my blog and it has been ages since my last rant post. No plans of ever putting up a rant post anymore and I think I won't be feeling the need to put up any anyways.

Just wanted to shout out how happy I am with the new look of my site for my new hobby. I still have to do a bit of tweaking to make the new look work, but it pretty much overhauls my old look that was very much associated with Gunpla ( old hobby ).

Honestly I feel I will never be going back to Gunpla these days. In fact I have packed ALL my Gundam model kits in their respective boxes. Unpainted and painted kits are all packed in separate boxes, Gunpla tools are also kept in plastic boxes and I have thrown all my Tamiya acrylic paints already. My work bench no longer have sheets of pla plates and no longer have scraps of Kotobukiya parts.

Instead I have loads of paints ( Vallejos ) and brushes scattered on my workbench. Basing materials like static grass, real sand, aquarium sand, small rocks and green stuff dominate my work area.

I am so grateful for all the friends I have made in my old hobby ( Gunpla ) in the past 4 years and will forever cherish those moments. I have kept a few friends form my old hobby but have forgotten some.

Needless to say I am happier in my new miniature painting hobby right now and I just would like to apologise to my Gunpla friends for turning my back on the hobby.

Just got tired of the whole thing to tell you the truth... the community, the hobby and everything about it. Adios for now guys...

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