Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to PLAY Warmachine MKII videos by MWG

How to PLAY Warmachine MKII videos photo

I am on my second to the last day of my Graveyard shift in the office and what a better way to spend dead hours than to watch videos on Youtube on everything about Warmachine!

I have yet to play nor build an army of Hordes or Warmachine and have yet to buy some starter packs, but I am trying to learn how to play Warmachine for the past few days.

The game looks simple to play yet involves complex strategies. The game looks so fun and fast pace and seems very straight forward. I am pretty sure it will take a while to be good at the game though it looks fun even if you lose!

This is the only scenario or situation that I think I will enjoy losing!

Anyways to aide other people who are looking to get into Warmachine and people like me who are trying to learn the game, I thought I'd share a post with some cool videos showing how you play the game of Warmachine. As I've said in my previous posts... Warmachine is one of those nice table top games that you would enjoy even with a small number of models / units. You won't need to spend a fortune to enjoy the game.

Anyways here are a few videos by MiniWarGaming at youtube and a link to the quick start rules at Privateer Press...

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