Thursday, March 29, 2012

Official E3 Warmachine video game trailer

Official E3 Warmachine video game trailer photo

I am not much of a video game guy as I suck at it and when I suck at something... I don't do it as much, as I won't enjoy it obviously. My 8 year old daughter could beat me at any fighting game easilly, that is how I suck... slow hand and eye motor skills I guess.

I used to play some PS2 Lord of the Rings games before, some StarCraft games and a lot of 2K NBA games... but as I've said, I am not good at it at all. Besides playing computer games these days would eat up so much of my hobby time, so I do not play them since I started my old hobby ( Gunpla ) back in 2008.

I know I am almost a year late since the launch of this Warmachine video game trailer... but I got so excited seeing the Warjacks in action I figure I'd share them to my readers as well. Miniatures ( painted ) looks great on table tops, but seeing them in CG video trailers just adds so much character to an already characterful Warmachine universe. Anyways here is the trailer of the yet to be realeased? Warmachine video game...

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