Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cygnar Collosals Stormwall coming soon!

Cygnar Collosals Stormwall coming soon photo

I just finished my first ever Hordes Trollbloods in Madrak Ironhide a while back and I am currently working on my first Trollbloods Fennblades unit these days. I plan to eventually build up ( accumulate ) a Trollbloods army within the year but Warmachine Warjacks ( steampunk robots ) are so beautiful to resist!

I love working on the Trollbloods as it is a very nice change from painting and weathering robots ( Gunpla ) for the past 4 years. And besides the cheaper Trollbloods Units are also big and very well detailed like the more expensive Trollbloods Warbeasts.

However the steampunk Warmachine Warjacks of both the Protectorate of Menoth and the Cygnar are luring me in. Although aside from the Warjacks, I am not really that excited with the other units as they are mostly human in uniforms.

I could buy Warmachine Warjacks from time to time but will continue to build my Trollbloods army. With the news of the upcoming Cyganr Collosals Stormwall though, I am so set to collect Cygnar Warjacks from now on. Will need to practice NMM ( non metal metal ) painting though as there will be lots of NMM painting with Warjacks.

The upcoming Stormwall figure is a behemoth of a mini as it has a 120mm round base and stands about 140mm tall. 140mm is around 5.5 inches and it should cost around 5.5 thousand pesos as well. Now where to get the funds for such a collosal figure is beyond my reasonable mind. Maybe I could sell a kidney or make a housing loan to get all the figures / minis I want this year.

My new hobby will surely cost me an arm this year... maybe I should sell my old plastic robots ( Gunpla ) soon! Too sentimental to sell my old Gunpla I got as gifts though and too lazy and uninspired to do Gunpla commissions these days. I think I really need to sell a kidney for this new hobby of mine ( lol ).

Anyways here is the link to the upcoming Cygnar Collosals Stormwall...

Cygnar Collosals Stormwall coming soon photo

Cygnar Collosals Stormwall coming soon photo
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