Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1/100 EX-S Gundam Plan 303E "Deep Striker"???

My sidebar POLL ( see sidebar ) asking What could be my next big project? basically has results thrown on it already. I doubt the other choices would catch up with the Devil Gundam after the month.

I am having second thoughts on working on the Devil Gundam as it is almost fully scratch built. Aside from the fact that I lack the skills to pull it off, A fully scratch built project is NOT competition friendly ( insert links here ). I could use a MG Master Gundam and use it's internals but other than that kit, the rest of the parts are going to be scratch built.

So why is it not competition friendly? Coz the judges will only judge the MG Master Gundam, and that kit is super small. Could be a winner in my display cabinet but not to the judge's eyes I think ( I may be wrong of course ). So that's it! That makes me think twice on doing a Devil Gundam next year.

Now I am thinking of doing a " DeepStriker " instead. Nope I won't use a resin kit as I cannot and will never afford one anyways. I think I will be needing two MG EX-s Gundams for this project. So this should easily be more expensive and bigger and harder to do than my MG The O II conversion.

Now this is definitely competition friendly! Coz this is going to be huge! Should be bigger than my The O and will try to keep the modifications and the painting clean this time ( will try ).

Besides my good friend Kenny ( Toymaker ) is pushing me to level up my modding techniques and my painting, add the fact that he totally killed my MG the O in our face off recently. So I think this project would be a good opportunity to practice different modding techniques and give me new challenges. It will also be a fresh build in comparison to my fat weathered Zeon kits that I have been doing for 3 years now.

Much credit to Kenny ( Toymaker ) once again if I could pull this off. Will ask him for advice through out the build in the first place.

Once again, thanks for dropping by Til' next post guys! :)

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