Monday, October 3, 2011

HUGE Gunpla competition will be announced this week!

CrossBone shot artwork

Remember I told you that 2 massive mecha modeling competitions will be up soon? Nope I am not talking about small local contests nor am I talking about the up coming " official " Gunpla Builders Cup from Bandai. These are huge online and international competitions with really good prizes at stake.

We have sort of announced our own 2012 competition at MAC forums a few moons back, with this post and this huge post. I just want to share that the other international competition will be announced sooner than I initially thought.

Logo for the contest has been designed already, prizes are being packed and rules being polished. I think all the judges are also in ( including yours truly ). So I hope you gear up for this huge online / international competition that shall be announced not later this week!

P.S. I think the image on top pretty much gives you a faint idea of what competition I am talking about. :)

Nyways, thanks as always for dropping by and putting up with my teasers. Til' next post guys! :)

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