Sunday, October 9, 2011

HobbyMate co-sponsors 2012 Mecha Contest!

2012 Mecha Contest HM sponsor poster

I will be posting capsules of posts in the following weeks about our Kamm and Sneeper's 2012 Mecha Contest. We figured that posting all the details of the competition in one post during the launch will be information overload. The amount of prizes and the rules and categories will be insane. So let me introduce our first co-sponsor...

HobbyMate owner Edmund Teo is the most generous person I have ever met in this lifetime. For those people who attended our MAC anniversary party back in August 2011, you personally experienced that generosity in the amount of raffle prizes HobbyMate gave away in the party! The MAC party was arguably the biggest Mecha / Gunpla party of any forums or club to date, mainly due to the support of two sponsors including HobbyMate.

This time HobbyMate co-sponsors our huge 2012 Mecha Contest. HobbyMate plans to give an airbrush to a winner and also plans to give other loads of tools and supplies for the contest. HobbyMate will also give a special HobbyMate's special pick winner!

To keep the surprises coming, I will not disclose to you the details of the prizes from HobbyMate. But HobbyMate basically will sponsor $600 worth of HM tools and supplies!

So do not get left behind guys! Drop that project for that small local contest and register at MAC forums today! Join in the fun in our huge competition soon! Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post guys! :)

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