Friday, October 7, 2011

2012 competition with end of this world prizes...

2012 competition prizes poster

Our 2012 competition is almost ready to blast you very soon! This online international competition will be hosted at our MAC forums, this will be judged and sponsored by two insane modelers, Fichtenfoo of will be our special judge and the prize line up will simply end this world.

Obviously I am hyping up our contest, but once you've seen the prizes you'll understand my excitement. The creators of the competition has thrown insane amount of model kits for prizes already. However the prize line up is not yet final as more sponsors are lining up to give us more prizes for this huge mecha modeling event.

As I've said before... we are not going to give away old unsold model kits in shopping mall shelves. Much like our Europe Gunpla Cup prizes which was both sponsored by Hobby Link Japan and the creator of the contest Kamm, the prize line up will totally blow your mind away.

Their will be two Bandai Perfect Grade Gundam model kits, some Bandai Master Grade model kits, A lot of Kotobukiya model kits, including the Armored Core White Glint in the poster above and some more rare model kits that you need to explore the world to find them ( literally )!

Minor prizes are not really minor. My will co sponsor this event by giving away 3 tool sets for the contest, which will be randomly selected from all the entries of all the modelers joining the contest.

As much as I want to disclose more information like the number of categories and the exact number of the insane amount of prizes, I highly suggest that you just stay tune for more 2012 news as we are gearing up to blast this event very very soon!

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