Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where do you get Gundam kits in the Philippines???

Toy store photo

A few minutes before I leave for work, I just wanted to shout that the surprises to our MAC forums anniversary party has not stopped yet! Yes we will be giving away a handful of Master Grades, Toymaker, Izakku81, Waylander, Hobbymate from Singapore is going to the party and now I am finalizing a deal with one if not the best Gundam toy store here in the Philippines.

GG Infinite of Gundam Guy sponsored our Anniversary Wallpaper contest a few moons back. Hobby Link Japan is sponsoring our ongoing Europe Gunpla Cup 2011. And now we are trying to close a deal with the best local online Gunpla and toy store in the land ( Philippines ).

I hope our deal pushes through in the following days... I'll be sure to shout it out here in my blog once final, as I could never keep a secret for long anyways. One thing is for sure, our plan to produce a nice simple gathering for all our local MAC forums members is getting a ton bigger than expected. All of these is simply so unbelievable, to think our forums is just a year old. :)

Thanks for dropping by! Stay tuned for more surprises to our MAC anniversary party! Til' next update guys! :)

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