Monday, August 1, 2011

Singapore friends coming to the MAC Anniv party!!!

custom Gunpla Photo

Great News for all members of our Mech Arts Community ( MAC ) forums! This is the biggest news you'll ever get in any Gunpla website here in the Philippines! This is practically bigger than any local Gunpla competition or Gunpla event here ( for me at least )! Seriously guys, I am not hyping up the party... but if true International masters of the craft are coming to town ain't big enough for you?... what is???!!!!

A few days back, a good Gunpla friend from Singapore told me that he and some friends are thinking of going to our MAC party that will be held here at my home ( Philippines ) on the 27th of August.

I was overly excited and almost did not get my sleep when I learned. However I was so afraid to Jinx it thus I waited for my friend to confirm that he has now booked tickets for their flight to the Philippines, before blogging about it. So now it is final!

The friend that told me that he will come to the party is Kenny Lim. And he will bring some friends in Tan Huin Yui, Edmund Teo and Yuan Jun Ben. OH if ever those names does not ring a bell... here again are the list of our very special guests to our MAC anniversary party!
Oh if like me you still find it unbelievable and is lazy to click those links... here are a quick look of these guys builds...

NO JOKE guys... I know it is unbelievable! The MAC forums anniversary party will really have these special guests on the 27th! I am soooo tired of being excited... blood pressure is high and nose has been bleeding for the past few days! As I've said, this is bigger than any local competition or event here in the Philippines... PERIOD!

Anyways, thanks for dropping by! So if you are not from the Philippines and want to attend our MAC anniversary party, I think you could still book a flight to attend the party... much like our good friends from Singapore. :)

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