Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feather Wings OR Mechanical Wings ???


Although I think any wing type on a 1/35 resin kit of the Gundam Wing Zero Custom is going to be kickass, We are actually having a very difficult time of deciding on how we will approach the sculpting of the Wings of our 1/35 project. Here are a few images that we are currently looking at...

The sculptor is actually working on the head sculpt already and we figured to set up a poll for the meantime and get feedbacks from you guys ( possible buyers ) on what wing type will be most marketable for our project.

I do think hardcore fanboys will hate us for altering the wing design. However I doubt modelers which are into the quality of the design and the aesthetics of the output, will bash as for trying to come up with a unique yet faithful design of the Wings of the Gundam WZC.

We could play it safe and base the design on the Master Grade Wings OR redesign it and create some mechanical looking wings, OR give the kit an Angel feather wings instead. Please help us decide by answering in this poll as we really need help on what wing type to build. Thank you in advance guys!

Thanks a ton for voting and helping us decide on the wing type for our project! Til' next post guys! :)

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