Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finding the perfect balance in my dioramas...


Pardon me for wasting your mouse click to this post guys.  But I got itchy to construct the skeleton of a new diorama project. Nothing new here as I pretty much did a diorama out of CD cases and diskettes before. And nothing much to show as I only glued together 20 diskettes, 18 CD cases and a couple of diskette cases.

A fellow modeler who is actually writing a " study " in diorama building interviewed me a couple of days ago. The interview actually inspired me to build this mega size diorama and hope to do better this time. I hope to find the perfect balance with this new project.

" Perfect Balance " ? What the hell is this guy talking about? you ask? lol
Well, I think I still have to strive more on how to hit that perfect balance between the subject of the dio and the diorama itself. I want a really detailed mecha as the main subject, I also want the overall look to focus on the main subject, but I also want a really busy diorama to compliment the main subject.

My " The Graveyard " diorama which focused so much on utilizing my old Seed kits and focused so much on the details of the diorama, has a very bad composition. The Infinite Justice actually looks out of place as it has little or no interaction with the base.

My " Gilgamesh Project " on the other hand focused too much on blending both the main subject ( Sazabi ) with it's surroundings. Although it looks pretty descent, both the main subject and the diorama are too complimentary and the lack of action just made it a tad boring. The diorama although it complimented the main subject well, just lacks the " punch " you are looking for in a good diorama build.

SO, the focus this time is to create a diorama that has both the main subject/s and the base complimenting each other, but at the same time would stand out on their own. I need an extra " punch " to the overall look of the diorama and I think some careful planning of the poses, the angles and the details of both the subject and the base would do the trick.

Hopefully as I go along working on this project, we could revisit this post and clearly identify what I am blabbing about. Anyways, here are a few more photos of the skeleton of my diorama so far...




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