Thursday, April 7, 2011

my kids circa November 2009

Just finished a couple of paper works here in the office and as I was cleaning up my files I saw this handful of beautiful photos of my kids. These photos I think were shot back around late October or early November 2009 as my wife and kids are checking out a resort for my son's birthday party.

My kids are 2 1/2 years younger in these photos, they are all chubbier and cuter. LOL. My eldest daughter just told me that she is a tween ( almost teen ) a couple of weeks ago. My second daughter will now go to school by June. And my little son is as naughty as any boy could get.

Pardon me for this non-Gunpla post. But my kids ( specially my son ) loves seeing his photos here in my blog. I think it surprises him to see himself amidst a ton of " robot " photos.

Oh BTW, these kids got their beautiful faces from their dad! LOL

 Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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