Monday, April 4, 2011

Massive Attack!!! modeled by Aor_or_die


A good modeler friend finished a superb diorama masterpiece! Like I always say, Gunpla dioramas are gems as you don't actually see a lot of them around. This particular build was inspired from Toymaker's Sinanju Trinity although this is hguc and is done by only one modeler!

Great stuff on all the modifications and the whole presentation! I particularly love the modifications on the Gundam Mark II? ( grey robot ) and the huge gatling gun of the GM? The base is simple but compliments the 3 kits very well and the color scheme of all the kits looks great together!

This was masterfully crafted by Aor_or_die and you could check out a lot of photos in his blog...
 Massive Attack diorama at gundam dreams



Thanks for dropping by! Til' next featured guest modeler! :)

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