Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ebasenet Head GB - Turn A last WIP update

Almost done! This is my entry for the Ebasenet / ZeroGunz Head Group Build and I managed to almost finish it last night. In comparison to the previous update, The overall color of the Turn A head is a bit warmer and rustic looking. I basically added more washes to the head and used the RED Future variant as the overall flat top coat.

The Red Future ( Pledge Wipe and Shine ) acts as a very soft filter as it is a light clear red in color. It blended all the weathering effects added to the kit thus giving it a more realistic look. The ground work was painted with my airbrush and a lighter tone of the groundwork was also sprayed around the edges of the Turn A head to serve as dust effects.

I also painted the soldiers in Tamiya acrylics and will have to paint all the details with a fine brush. I decided to give the figures a blue uniform as khaki and greens are too realistic to me. Hopefully the blue uniforms will give the whole diorama a more SCI FI look.

Enamel washes around the corners of the groundwork, pastel work on the Turn A head and detail painting of the figures will complete this build. This will be the last WIP update for this build and hope to finish this soon. Anyways here are some snapshots of the progress so far...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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